In order to be eligible for a grant please submit a written request on your letterhead by December 31, which includes the following:

  1. A current mission statement.
  2. The amount of your grant request.
  3. How the grant will be used and who will benefit from the services.
  4. A copy of the most current U.S. Treasury letter indicating the organization's exempt status pursuant to Section 501(C) 3 of the Internal Revenue Service.
  5. A one page Balance Sheet (or a copy of the Balance Sheet from you most recently filed Form 990) and a one page Profit and Loss Statement.
  6. A statement that indicates that your organization is a local Palm Beach County charity not affiliated with any national organization.

Submit Request to

Wycliffe Charities Foundation, Inc.

4650 Wycliffe Country Club Blvd

Wellington, Florida 33449

Attention: Grant Request Committee